Little Compton

“Meet the Councillors”

I was pleased to see this notice posted on the bulletin board in front of Wilbur’s Store today.

Democrats Andrew Iriarte-Moore and Patrick McHugh, both incumbent members of the Little Compton Town Council, are kicking off their campaign for re-election by focusing positively on “Little Compton’s Future.” And they are reaching out to all Little Compton voters for their thoughts and ideas about actions the community can take to maintain and enhance the qualities of the town that its residents enjoy and hope to preserve.

As their poster indicates, they will be holding open discussions at the Little Compton Community Center on August 16, September 27, and October 26, from 7 to 8 p.m. These sessions will offer voters a chance to hear from these two personable candidates–and to be heard by them.

I know both men well. I admire and respect their proven commitment to public service, especially on the Town Council, where they serve in the partisan minority–which I know from personal experience, as a Democratic member of the Council from 2018 to 2020, presents challenges over and above those inherent in the position of Town Council member.

Prior to his election to the Town Council in 2018, Andrew had served on the elected Budget Committee and as appointed Assistant Town Moderator. Patrick, before assuming Anya Wallack’s vacated Council seat in 2019, had served as a member of and Chair of the School Committee and as a member and Chair of the town’s Recreation Committee.

Andrew and Patrick both bring experience, common sense, good judgment, respect for citizens, and energy to their efforts on behalf of Little Compton’s residents and taxpayers. I’ll be among those working for their re-election to the Little Compton Town Council. ♦